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Race, Work, and Leadership is a rare and important compilation of essays that examines how race matters in people’s experience of work and leadership. What does it mean to be black in corporate America today? How are racial dynamics in organizations changing? How do we build inclusive organizations?

Recently, Laura Morgan Roberts and Tony Mayo, two of the three editors of Race, Work and Leadership were on our show.

During our conversation, Ms. Roberts and Mr. Mayo talked about:

– Some of their backgrounds and how they ended up working together
– The story behind the book
– An historical perspective on race, work and leadership in the American workforce … What has changed? What has not changed?
– The effect that affirmative action has had on race, work and leadership
– Today’s younger African Americans not having the same opportunities that younger African Americans had thirty years ago
– The status of diversity and inclusion in today’s professional work world and what can companies do to push it forward
– If affirmative action still necessary
– The effects that the wealth gap and affirmative action has on race, work and leadership
– Glass ceiling vs. glass cliff
– What African Americans want from the corporate environment
– Why are companies resisting more African American leadership in the workplace
– What role do white men and women have in preventing the advancement of African Americans in the workplace
– What needs to be done to make progress with this topic

Laura Morgan Roberts is a Professor of Practice at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and a visiting scholar at Harvard Business School’s Gender Initiative. A thought leader in diversity, inclusion, authenticity and identity development, she is the coeditor of Positive Identities and Organizations and Positive Organizing in a Global Society, and the author of numerous research articles, teaching cases, and practitioner-oriented tools, including influential Harvard Business Review articles.

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University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business

Tony Mayo is the Thomas S. Murphy Senior Lecturer of Business Administration in the Organizational Behavior Unit of Harvard Business School. With Nitin Nohria, he is the coauthor of In Their Time and Paths to Power, both published by Harvard Business Review Press.

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