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Join The New Humanity Initiative™ and Canada CFO’s Inc. in partnership with the Canadian Association of Urban Financial Professionals (CAUFP) along with our cast of amazing speakers and thought leaders who will promote and amplify equity diversity and inclusion in the accounting and finance sector.

Leadership and Change in Accounting & Finance is an immersive and interactive digital event with a view towards strengthening Economic Mobility for BIPOC Communities. It will feature curated conversations, engagement and experience addressing anti-Black racism, crucial challenges, meaningful change and innovative impact in creating inclusive and equitable opportunities.

A dynamic and interactive experience for attendees, speakers, supporters and stakeholders of the event, where individuals can communicate their points of view.

The event will feature a Dialogues on Diversity by prominent Finance Leaders as well as a Panel discussion on the issues, followed by a ‘Voices in Action’ breakout segment.

(5 Concurrent Sessions)

Join us after the Panel Discussion for our breakout sessions where we will have community participation and conversations about taking collective action.

The Voices in Action are based on the “Economic Mobility” Pillar one of the seven pillars of The New Humanity Initiative that will help shape its outcomes-based approach to achieve national change.

Each session will be facilitated by Thought Leaders who are actively championing change within these areas under the Economic Mobility Pillar. Please bring your ideas and get ready to create meaningful change.

Kindly select the Voices in Action (Breakout) Session that you would like to be a part of during registration.

- Capital & Finance

- Culture and Organizational Change

- Health & Wellbeing

- Investment, Enablement and Financial Services

- Leadership & Inclusion

Together we can strengthen actions and implement strategies to improve professional outcomes for BIPOC Professionals.

Hugh Anthony Simmonds, PhD is the Co-Founder and Co-Chair, The New Humanity Initiative™.

Hugh Anthony is the Co-founder and Co-Chair of The New Humanity Initiative™ a purpose-fueled national organization that is a catalyst for fundamental change to strengthen equity, access and inclusivity for racialized groups throughout Canada, and the first black member to serve as Director for the Toronto Music Festival, the oldest arts and music festival in Canada. Currently he serves as the President of Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation (MTCC) 934 and is a Distinguished President of the Kiwanis Club of Toronto Caribbean. Hugh Anthony is currently Head of Strategy, Assignment & Co. a boutique lifestyle consultancy firm based in Toronto, Canada and a Teaching Faculty at Ryerson University in the Faculty of Arts and the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education. Hugh Anthony, believes that “everyone is gifted, but some people never open their package”.

Hugh Anthony received his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Waterloo (Canada) and Master of Science (MSc), Postgraduate Diploma (PGDE) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) from the University of the West Indies (Jamaica). In addition, he as taken numerous executive education courses at Harvard University (USA), Ryerson University (Canada) and University of New Orleans(USA). With 20+ years of progressive multi-sector engagements, holding appointments as Executive Director for a nonprofit organization, International President for Kiwanis International Service Leadership organization, Hugh Anthony brings conceptual and strategic thinking with significant experience and expertise in higher education management, non-profit leadership, board governance, fundraising and capacity building. He has played a pivotal role in leading and strengthening individuals and organizations, through visioning, strategic planning, learning and development, marketing and communications, networking, collaborations and partnerships, advocacy and leading people-centered programming, workshops and initiatives. Hugh Anthony is an avid volunteer and believes that “service is the rent we pay for living” and have traveled throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. He brings mastery in public speaking and storytelling with his award-winning presentation skills to help individuals uncover their passion, unfold their purpose and share the power of their stories.

His scholarship, research and consultancies span cultural organizations, leisure, tourism, hospitality geography, international politics, governance and policy; and professional services from the lens of culture, equity, intersectionality and lifestyle. He brings a wealth of teaching and learning experience having held appointments at the University of Technology (Jamaica) College of Business and Management; the University of Waterloo (Canada) Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, Ryerson University (Canada) Department of Geography and Environmental Studies and G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Studies. Hugh Anthony presented his research at several international conferences, his groundbreaking research on film festivals, field-configuring events and cultural organizations and his lifestyle writing and publications have been included on major digital media platforms and he is currently finishing a book publication project – The Ultimate Guide to Public Speaking: Seven Steps to Professional Mastery (forthcoming Spring 2022).

Mr. Anthony was live on our show tonight talking about the The New Humanity Initiative – Leadership And Change In Accounting & Finance Interactive Digital Event which is happening on November 12, 2020.

During the conversation, Mr. Anthony talked about:

– Some of his background including at nine years old realizing that his life would be one of service
– the story behind that The New Humanity Initiative™, some of the keys of success so far, memories of the first event and highlights from some of the past events,
– His thoughts on the state of equity and diversity in Canada at this time
– What to expect during the November 12, 2020 event

You can find more about The New Humanity Initiative – Leadership And Change In Accounting & Finance Interactive Digital Event happening on November 12, 2020 by clicking here

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