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Man, Listen!™ is a live bi-weekly online show hosted by three black men, Jeff A.D. Martin, Dr. Vibe, and Danny Stone who give their perspective on various hot topics and what’s happening in the world. Each episode they break down hot topics or a burning topic that they feel is relevant to discuss and ask their online audience to participate with their questions and comments.

The show has various segments similar to a talk show with multiple hosts. It ends with.. “What’s your takeaway from this episode?”

Where each man shares what they learned, a word of inspiration or something for the audience to take away.

During the What’s Hot Right Now? segment of he live conversation, the men gave their takes on:

– The storming of the US Capital building VS Black lives matter
– 45 banned from Twitter in-sighting riots
– Elon Musk richest man in the world $189.7 Billion
– Bitcoin now almost $50,000 Canadian
– Vaccination- Will you get it or not?

During the Let’s Go Deep segment of the conversation, the men will be talked about:

– How to make 2021 better than 2020
– Committed action – Actionable steps we can take
– Career Crossroads
– What are your goals

Jeff A.D. Martin is a soul-stirring, thought-provoking, highly requested transformational speaker, who has been using his platform to inspire people from around the world.

Much of Jeff’s love for people can be attributed to his years of involvement as a community advocate, a mentor and also to his 15+ years of experience in Law Enforcement. Jeff has worked as a police officer and in various investigative roles. He is a youth communication specialist, with over 1000 forensic interviews with children.

Jeff is also an author of two critically acclaimed books. A City of Toronto best-selling children’s book, Brothers from the 6/ Sisters from the 6: Role Models in my Community, and an Amazon best selling personal development book, KNew Me: 10 Men, 10 Stories of Perseverance.

Jeff is an award-winning professional speaker, a certified coach, University of Guelph certified leadership professional, Harvard University certificate recipient for public speaking and the curator of Inspire Legacy Company Online Academy, where he teaches the art of public speaking and student character development.

With his career and life experiences, coupled with his benevolence and passion to inspire, Jeff A.D. Martin shares his gift of purpose in efforts to help others find their true potential.

You can find out more about Jeff via:


Danny Stone, also known as “Coach Stone” an Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Coach, Speaker, Teacher and Community Servant. He is the Founder of the School of Success, an online school for entrepreneurs that teaches them how to level up their businesses and their lives. His podcast, The Grind and Gratitude has garnered listeners from 27 countries. Danny’s Ready4Change framework is helping people embrace change and shift their lives and businesses in unimaginable ways.

He is a sought-after, highly engaging, Transformational Speaker that has delivered hundreds of powerful speeches to thousands of people around the world. Danny is a Certified Training and Development Professional and Certified Coach though the Coaches Institute. Having been a Life and Business Coach for more than 15 years, he has helped thousands of people take their lives, business and careers to the next level. He is the author of the best selling book, You Have The Keys, Now Drive and Co-author of the book, Amazon best seller, Knew Me with 9 other men.

Danny has been a community servant, working with a group called Zero Gun Violence Movement since 2014. Their mission is to end gun violence and create safe, thriving communities in the Greater Toronto Area. He sits on an Advisory Panel for the Toronto Star to improve their coverage of radicalized communities an increase inclusion and representation in their coverage of communities across Canada.

Danny believes that you have something special, find out what it is and live it out loud!

You can contact Danny via:

Host – The Grind And Gratitude Show
School Of Success
Author – You Have the Keys Now Drive
Co-Author – KNew Me
Co-Founder – KNew Me Movement
Advisor / Community Servant – Zero Gun Violence Movement

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God bless, peace, be well and keep the faith,

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