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Last Sunday was Fathers Day, so on Black Canada Talking™, we had a conversation about Black fatherhood.

Our guests were Jonathan O ShawGreg Frankson and Joshua Zawadi.

Jonathan O Shaw aka The Juiceman Jonathan Shaw, is a pioneer in Toronto’s DJ’ing scene, entertaining audiences for over 25 years with his unique mix of R&B, Soul, Calypso, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rock, House and Dance music genres.

At the age of 19, Jonathan was discovered by Barry Boothe and joined the Legendary TKO Sound Crew. He went on to become a recipient of the DJ Hall of Fame Stylus Award in 2008.

In addition to his musical endeavours, Jonathan has been a keynote speaker at countless events and has been deeply involved in the wedding industry. Not only with his DJ skills, but as a Host/MC as well as consulting and planning. Outside of his musical talents, Jonathan has written, voiced, and produced numerous commercials for a host of radio stations across North America and the Caribbean.

Jonathan has furthered his career by managing various aspects of radio production and is the Creative Director at ELMNT FM 106.5 in Toronto and 95.7 in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. He continues to be one of the most sought after artists in his field, providing professional services to a wide range of clientele.

You can contact Jonathan via:


Greg Frankson is a Toronto-based poet, author, educator and anti-discrimination advocate. He has published three collections of his work and has contributed to three poetry anthologies. He is currently editing a forthcoming collection of essays and poetry entitled AfriCANthology: Perspectives of Black Canadian Poets, which is scheduled for release in February 2022.

Greg is a 2012 national poetry slam champion, a 2013 inductee to the VERSe Ottawa Hall of Honour for his contributions to the literary arts in the capital, and a 2014 nominee for a Black Canadian Award for Best Spoken Word. He appeared on CBC TV’s Canada’s Smartest Person in 2012 and is the former resident poet on the CBC Radio One program Here and Now Toronto.

In addition to his artistic achievements, Greg was the first African Canadian to serve a term as President of Canada’s oldest undergraduate student government at Queen’s University in 1996-97 and was a vocal advocate for the on-campus recognition of Robert Sutherland, Canada’s first Black university graduate and the first Black lawyer in British North America. In October 2009, Queen’s officially rededicated its Policy Studies Building as Robert Sutherland Hall.

You can contact Greg via:

Voice Share Inc. – Linkedin

Joshua Zawadi, the owner and founder of Melanated Daddy is a fatherhood and mental health advocacy platform that celebrates the process of parenting and unpacking trauma to heal in order to be intentional figures in the lives of their children.

Joshua Zawadi is also the man behind the Dad Doula and Dad Connect programs. The mission of Dad Doula is to provide resources, and guidance for the non-birthing parent as they plan to support the birthing person during the pregnancy, labor and delivery and thereafter. This is done by learning how to advocate, and support with intentional presence. This service is extended to expecting parents, new again parents and parents looking to re-enter their children’s lives. Dad Connect is simply a curated space for Dad’s to come together and connect, vent, and learn from one another in a safe space.

Josh Zawadi is an Army Veteran, husband, biological and bonus dad to four children. He is a lover of Christ and believes in community. His passion of fatherhood is rooted in the belief that Iron Sharpens Iron.

You contact Joshua via:

Melanated Daddy
Dad Doula Sessions
Life With Zawadi Podcast

During our conversation, the fathers talked about:

– Thoughts about being a Black Father on Father’s Day and the experiences throughout their life
– Areas within Black Fatherhood that are concerning and need to be addressed more often
– Important moments in their life when it comes to Black Fatherhood and experiences within the family law system
– The court system dealing with alienation while going after fathers for child support
– One particular moment in life that their child taught/helped them become a better person
– A challenging moment in their life as a Father and how they overcame it
– A final message to the audience about Black Fatherhood and a call to action

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