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On the January 23, 2022 edition of Black Canada Talking™, our guest was Dr. Lisa Gunderson.

Known as Dr. Lisa or DrG in her communities, Lisa is an award-winning community leader, psychologist and educator. She founded and operates One Love Consulting (OLC) which provides services to ministries, businesses, educational institutions, private/public organizations in Canada and the United States focusing on racial equity, systemic racism, anti-Black and anti-racism. A BC registered clinical counselor and an inactive licensed psychologist in California, she also provides clinical peer consults for persons working with Indigenous, Black and other racialized clients. She was elected in August 2021 to serve as VP-English for the Federal Green Party and is the first IBPoC person to hold the seat.

Known as a bridger in her communities, she is very active in African-Canadian communities. Two current areas she is working with Black Youth Empowerment (BYE), an amazing group of ACB youth, on a Bystander Intervention Program for Black Youth and also working with ACB men in CSC. A former tenured US professor, she has taught in numerous universities and colleges (undergraduate and graduate) in Canada, provided key subject matter expertise to the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General during the development and implementation of provincial training on fair and impartial policing. Her two
most recent pieces were You Can’t Be Switzerland as part of an upcoming special magazine edition called Intersections written by people who are currently incarcerated and a chapter on Black Canadians for Embracing Cultural Responsivity and Social Justice.

She was part of the advisory board regarding A former liaison for the African Heritage Association of Vancouver Island to the Greater Victoria Police Diversity Advisory Committee, a member of the Planning, Transportation, and Economic Development Advisory Committee in Saanich and board member of the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Center Society.

DrG lives in Victoria/Saanich, BC with her two sons and partner of 25 years. She is a first generation African-American and Canadian immigrant of Jamaican heritage. She loves movies, baking, anything basketball related, traveling, reading, and playing dominoes with family and friends.

During our conversation, Dr. Gunderson talked about:

– The impact of covid on African/Caribbean communities
– Her debut in politics
– The diversity in politics and getting black people involved
– The impact politics may have on family and receiving support from family during her debut
– How the media may portray a person of colour entering politics
– How not having a citizenship held her back from various opportunities
– Creating a campaign that spoke to underrepresented groups regardless of the outcome
– Why it’s important for people of colour to get involved
– Interests and genuinely wanting to make a change
– What the political parties need to understand

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