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Sid McNairy is the Architect of the Art of Peaceful Living, and a Spiritualist in every sense of the word. Sid has transformed himself to help others find the relationship(s) to connect to your highest and best self. Sid is here to help people find discipline in their walk with meditation, yoga and self discovery to know how to access peace and joy in every way. While on the journey to the Art of Peaceful Living individuals experience making a master piece of their lives, while gaining access to abundance to move forward for all.

Sid McNairy is a Teacher of Teachers, Coach to Coaches, as he Walks the Walk of Peace. Sid’s work is widely known internationally as he has touched lives on every continent.

International Best Selling Author of six books. Sid and Liz McNairy are co-writing the next book The Search for the Perfect Wave.

Recently, Sid was on our show talking about Fathers, Friendship And Trauma.

Sid shared the stage with his Dad (Dr. Sidney A. McNairy Jr.) and his son Sidney Mcnairy IV.

During the conversation, the McNairy’s talked about:

– Why Sid III wanted to talk about “Fatherhood, Friendship and Trauma”
– What the word fatherhood means to Sidney Jr.
– What fatherhood means to Sidney IV
– What Sid III learned from Sidney Jr. about being a father
– Where Sidney Jr. got the mindset to create family around his children
-How managing pressure can help build relationships and friendships
– Sid III’s thoughts on how important and critical friendship is to Black men
– Stories and wise words from Sidney Jr.
– Men and trauma

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