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Shanita Hubbard is a student of motherhood, passionate social justice advocate, and writer. Her passion for social justice stems from a personal understanding of how families of color are disproportionally impacted by mass incarceration. This passion has been translated into action in the form of a diverse, justice centered career. From working as a therapist for youth on probation, operating job readiness programs for formally incarcerated adults, directing youth alternative-to-incarceration programs, grant writing, and now to a Criminal Justice Ethics Professor, Shanita continues to find creative ways to combat social injustice. Her creativity is also displayed via writing. Her writing is featured in The Root, EBONY Magazine, Abernathy Magazine, The Huffington Post and other publications.

During our conversation, Ms. Hubbard talked about:

– Here life growing up Yonkers, New York and how her mother encouraged education and her education journey including spending time in Spain
– How her brothers influenced her opinion on gender
– The journey through her career and being a mother
– Where did her passion to be a writer come from and memories of her first published article
– How she started writing for
– The background behind the A Love Letter to Black Men In These Troubled Times
– What are Black men telling her about love
– Is there friction between Black men and Black women and how can they hear each other more
– Is Black love still visible?
– What can the Black and the Non-Black community do better when it comes to Black love
– Responses by Black men and Black women to the article
– Her message to Black men and Black women about love

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The Gentlemen’s Expo is a celebration of all things that encompass a true gentleman.

This year's event is being held in Toronto on November 10 - 12, 2016 at Metro Convention Centre.

Are you or is someone you know interested in fashion, tech, music, sports, cars, alcohol, grooming, sex, food, entrepreneurship, gaming, DIY and other things that would generally interest any man? Then they should come to The Gentlemen’s Expo.

There will be over 100,000 square feet of the best brands and experiences to ever be assembled.

Davide DeLaurentiis, Marketing and Publicity Manager for The Gentlemen's Expo was on our show recently.

Davide talked about:

- Some history behind the event and the early days
- How is this year's show different from last year and the emphasis on "brand experience" this year
- Some of the people appearing at this year's show and some of the work that it takes to make the show happen  

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