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Dr. Marvin Thompson is an educational leader who has spent the majority of his 25 years in the educational field turning around schools in challenged communities. The scope of his experiences in schools range from pre-school director, elementary teacher to district superintendent.

In 2003, his efforts led to his school being recognized as one of the top 15 most changed schools in America through the National School Change Award Program. He served on the Virginia Academic Review Steering Committee, which reviewed, revised and developed school performance standards which are currently being used in states across America. He has served on Governor Mark Warner’s Economic Development committees and Governor Tim Kane’s early childhood committee.

As the Chief Academic Officer of a charter school in New Orleans, Dr. Thompson was featured in Oprah Winfrey’s Blackboard Wars, a nationally televised documentary bringing light to the challenges facing urban schools in America. The program received many awards including CableFax’s Best Documentary, The CINE Golden Eagle Award and the New York Festival’s TV and Film Award.

Dr. Thompson has many televison and radio apprearances including the CBS Morning News, The Tavis Smiley Show, LA Today, and CNN: Headline News as an educational commentator. In 2013, he was a speaker at the Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp for Boys and the Indiana Black Expo. Dr. Thompson was most recently an invited guest of the White House to speak at the 2015 Congressional Black Caucus Convention in Washington, D.C., to discuss the challenges facing boys in challenged communities.

Currently Dr. Thompson is the President and CEO of EmpowerED, and educational Consulting firm specializing in organizational systems development. His company has worked with schools across America from rural districts to some of the largest and most challenged such as the Los Angeles Unified School District. In 2009, Dr. Thompson was an invited member of the International Exchange of Scholars to assist the University of South Africa, the 4th largest university in the world, in revising its educational curriculum. These efforts will influence over fifty percent of the teacher workforce in the continent of Africa.

Dr. Thompson received his Ed.D. degree in Leadership & Policy Studies from The George Washington University, an M.ED in Administration & Supervision from Virginia Commonwealth University and a B.A. in Psychology and Education from Randolph Macon College in Virginia.

Recently, Dr. Thompson was on our show talking about The Future Of Education Under The Trump Presidency. During the conversation, he talked about:

– The privatization of the American public school system
– What has Donald Trump said about education?
– Why wasn’t education talked about a lot during the last presidential election?
– What is the best strategy for parents when it comes to their kids education?
– His thoughts on the new American Secretary Of Education Betsy DeVos
– The lack of diversity in the public teaching profession
– How will HBCUs fare under the Trump presidency?
– Will the Trump administration increase the presence of the police in schools?
– What will happen to funding for research?
– The future of integrated schools
– His call to action for Americans when it comes to public education

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