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Reigning calypso monarch of Canada, Macomere Fifi (Eulith Tara Woods) will stage her first concert in eight years in Toronto on Saturday May 7, 2011 at the Cecil Street Community Centre. The show aptly titled, "Mother and Daughter" takes its cue from Fifi's classic calypso of the same name. Fifi burst onto the calypso scene in 1998 when she captured the calypso monarch of Canada title, the people's choice, and went on to win the first ever Calypso Queen competition in Canada that same year. A longstanding member of La Petite Musicale Toronto, Fifi began singing with this legendary choir immediately after moving to Toronto in 1987. When in one of the choir's theatrical productions she played a character named Macomere Fifi, this name stuck on her and it was not a difficult decision to adapt this moniker for her calypso career. Fifi's achievement is myriad, having copped the Miami Calypso Monarch title on four occasions, Canadian Calypso Monarch, Pan Kaiso Monarch, Canadian Soca Monarch, Calypso Queen , in addition to capturing such special prizes as People's choice on numerous occasions. Joining Fifi for this momentous Mothers Day Eve concert is her daughter, Lavonne 'Mandy' Woods who has been making quite a name for herself on the Canadian urban music scene. Last year, Mandy was awarded two Canadian Reggae Achievement Awards for Single of the Year and Best Female Vocalist. During this interview, Macomere Fifi talks about growing up in Tobago and signing in the choir, why she came to Canada (a twenty three year holiday and still going strong), why she has started performing again after not performing for eight years, ; the most special award that she has received and why is she performing with her daughter. To purchase tickets and reservations call 416-750-1764 Ext 1 or Glenda at
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