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Karen Lowe has over 13 years worth of experience in business consulting, IT management, organizational operations/management and freelance consulting. She earned her Master of Business Administration at the Schulich School of Business, York University in Toronto, Canada with specialization in Entrepreneurial Studies and Strategic Management; as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Database Administration certification.

From working with a team of corporate consultants for a $60-million dollar company; to productivity analysis for an international not-for-profit organization; to assisting in the start up of numerous family-owned small businesses, Karen has a proven success record in various scopes of business advising.

Karen is currently the CEO of Epigram Consulting Services Inc., a business consulting and coaching company that specializes in helping individuals, creatives, entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses with fundamental business needs.

Epigram Consulting was birthed from the needs of individuals and small business owners who reached out to me and asked me for help with their businesses. These owners were good at what they did but were lost when it came to implementing certain business strategies and structures. Because of my background in business and information technology, they came to me for help, believing that I could assist them with their problems. After working with me and seeing results, these business owners kept coming back for more advice. Epigram Consulting kick-started and became a company that helps individuals and small businesses create and grow.”

Recently, Ms. Lowe was on our show talking Epigram Consulting and about her book, From Dreamer to Creator: Reframing Deterrents in Our Path.

From Dreamer to Creator: Reframing Deterrents in Our Path synopsis:

“Have you ever wondered how to realize your dreams? We are all created to dream, but we do not always pursue them. How long have you had your dream – a year, 5 years, or 45 years? What is stopping you from going after your dream – time, family or money? There is always a perceived excuse or obstacle, we call them deterrents.”

During our conversation, Ms. Lowe talked about:

– Growing up in Jamaica with her mom and five other siblings
– Her love of learning and reading since a young age
– Some of her mother’s great characteristics
– Her experience with the Jamaican education system
– Why did she leave Jamaica and come to Canada
– How did she handle not getting into law school and how it turned to be a positive
– A great story about her getting into the Schulich School Of Business and her experience going there
– Memories of her graduation day
– Getting into the world of entrepreneurship
– The story behind Eprigram Consulting and the book
– The importance of relationships and community when you are an entrepreneur
– How she deals with clients fear, money challenges and procrastination
– The importance in being exposed to entrepreneurship at an early age
– The services that Epigram Consultanting offers
– The biggest challenge and reward when dealing with clients
– Her client base

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