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Our guests on the April 11, 2021 episode of Black Canada Talking™ were Richard Miller and Rachel Xyminis-Chen of Keep6ix.

Keep6ix is a not-for-profit Toronto based organization, serving the Greater Toronto Area, that was founded in 2017 to make a meaningful difference in the lives of at risk youth from racialized communities who have been impacted by the criminal justice system.

Keep6ix offers various programs and services to help youth avoid going down a disempowering path towards incarceration. We also support and advocate for those who are currently incarcerated and provide post-release support so that they can overcome barriers and begin to pasitively re-build their lives within the community.

Keep6ix’s vision is to …

– Support criminalized and racialized communities to attain positivity and break the odds.
– Overcome systemic barriers to support at risk youth and those criminalized by the justice system.

Keep6ix’s mission is to …

– Provide holistic and integrated capacity-building programs to youth involved in the justice system.
– Prevent youth from going down a disempowering path by providing one-on-one mentoring, career conselling and employment skills training.
– Promote healthy self-esteem in youth through core life skills counselling to help build on their communication, interpersonal and leadership skills.

Richard Miller is the Founder of Keep6ix and a driven community leader, dedicated to assisting underserved youth. After experiencing and witnessing misrepresentation, racism, corruption, and injustices experienced by black youth and minorities, Richard decided to establish Keep6ix. It is his passion to bring healing to individuals who have been through traumatic experiences, by ensuring resources and programming are available to prevent incarceration. Richard is an experienced and savvy entrepreneur, who believes in training and developing the next generation of young professionals. He believes that with a second chance, and the right opportunities present, our young people can thrive and become successful.

As a street involved youth, Rachel saw many of her friends & partner fall into the entrapment of the criminal justice system. Supporting her partner through his federal incarceration, was the turning point for her when she experienced firsthand the struggles of supporting an incarcerated loved one. Her passion for reform has granted her the blessing of working with Keep6ix an organization advocating and supporting individuals impacted by the Canadian criminal justice system. Rachel’s mission is to break the stigma associated with incarceration and to provide a safe space for families and loved ones to support one another through their journey.

During our conversation, Richard and Rachel talked about:

_ Their childhoods dealing with corruption within the justice system and personal life leading to their passion of helping people overcoming systematic barriers
– Richard starting the organization and what he had going on personally when financing the entire organization
– How Rachel started off with Keep6ix with Richard and being involved with the team
– The changes helping people during the COVID-19 Pandemic as well as trying to make everyone feel more social
– The need for communities to address how younger people are dealing with trauma, depression and mental health during these times
– there not being enough resources for Black and Indigenous people in society especially within the prison system and it not being heard in the media
– The big issue of how many programs that help people get parole within the prison system stopping entirely due to the pandemic with no solution being made since
– How different prison institutions rules change regarding visitation without having a clear understanding of human rights within the justice system
– The prison system not taking any health precautions or cleaning supplies for the individuals during the pandemic leading into dangerous situations
– People in the Black Community knowing more about their rights in the justice system and learning more about injustices
– Communities needing to be more involved and having more conversations about these issues and supporting it

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