The Dr. Vibe Show

Arnold Minors is a consultant who lives in Toronto. He was born in Bermuda. At a young age, his family stressed the importance of education. Arnold has a chemistry and math degree from McGill University in Montreal and a MBA in organizational development and law from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. When he was growing up, his grandmother told him that he could do anything that he set his mind to do, in order to be half as good as a white person he had to work twice as hard as a white person and that to make sure to leave anything better than when he came into it. He was the first senior management consultant for the city of Toronto. Arnold created a "Community Safety" document for the city of Toronto and initiate a public health model for Toronto that he been copied in many cities in North America and Europe to this day. Since 1984, Arnold has been the a co-ordinating associate of Arnold Minors and Associates. The company provides organization effectiveness consulting services, mediation services for couples and groups, and training in negotiation and dispute resolution. During our chat, Arnold shares about various subjects including the experience of going to school in Montreal, how he got the first senior management consultant position for the city of Toronto, his experience and the story with his involvement with the Toronto Police Services Board, his opinions on police relations with and racial profiling of young Black men, his concern about the current state of and the lack of representation in senior position of African Canadians in major organizations in a country (Canada) which claims to be the most multicultural in the world and African Canadians lack of action against this situation and why they have not taken any action. Arnold also provides suggestions on how African Canadians can improve their current situation, his message for Black men and the importance of education and entrepreneurship for African Canadians.