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On Thursday, September 22, 2011 until September 25, 2011 in Toronto, the sixth annual Commffest Global Community Film Festival presents a broad program of over 50 new films from communities around the world. Commffest continues to offer a unique platform for independent filmmakers to engage in a dialogue of social issues and cultural exchange through the powerful language of film in all genres. Commffest films represent current affairs and relevant issues, and provides an opportunity for filmmakers to express themselves freely and connect more personally with audiences. This year Commffest puts the spotlight on homelessness, screening several films from around the world portraying this epidemic. Several artists have come together to exhibit their works of the homeless and can be seen at the Rainbow Cinema Art Gallery. We had the opportunity to speak with the Commffest Creative Director, Sandra de Freitas. During our conversation tells us how she got her start in the film industry, how Commffest started and what it is about, some of her memorable Commffest moments, and some of her memorable moments, how the festival has grown over the years, some highlights of this year's festival including movies by Danny Glover and Oscar Micheaux and the challenges she encounters with funding the festival and how she overcomes them. For more information about the 2011 Commffest Global Community Film Festival, please go to:

BrothaTech ("The Lowdown" On All Things Tech) is Terrance Gaines, a technology writer who also specializes in residential, small business and personal technology consulting. His love for technology started in 1998 and started getting paid for technology consulting in 2008.Terrance is a husband and a father to two girls. During our chat, Terrance talks about a number of subjects where did the name "Brotha Tech" came from, the changing world of social media, how African American can make money from social media, the current hot trends in social media, how more Black men can involved in social media, the world of smartphones, the future of Blackberry, what smartphone is best for you, tablet vs. laptop, Is there still a market for latops?, the paperless environment, cloud computing, Google+, his favorite apps and his message for Black men.