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Evan Richmond Gregory Jefferson, also known as ERGJ, is the CEO of ERGJ Enterprises. ERGJ is a personal finance coach and a certified financial educator. He specializes in bringing Investment education to the urban community. He is passionate about improving the financial literacy and economic awareness across the country. His company, ERGJ Enterprises, has 3 flagship financial Education programs for the family (KidVest, TeenVest, and AdultVest).

ERGJ is the founder of a Wealth building group called The New Black Wall St. This group was established in March of 2015 with 25 members and has grown to over 4,500 members as of February 2017. The focus of this group is to build Wealth, Protect Wealth, and Transfer Wealth. Generational Wealth Building is the premise of the New Black Wall Street. The New Black Wall Street established an investment club in September 2015 and is currently looking to establish their next Investment Club known as Club Milli.

Recently, Mr. Jefferson was on our show talking about Group Economics.

During the our conversation, Mr. Jefferson talked about:

– Some background including how he able to walk away from his job and become an entrepreneur three years ago
– The group economic programs that he teaches and who is his target market
– Some history on Black Wall Street and what he learned from it
– If integration been good for Black America
– If Blacks have something to fight for
– Why he focuses on educating young people about wealth
– Some of his future goals
– Some of the barriers for African American achieving successful group economics
– Why he feels that African Americans greatest enemy is themselves
– What he feels is the future of group economics for people of color and what does it look like
– What has helped him be successful

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