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All Our Own is live international audio conversation for Generation X Women of Color.

It is a safe space where Gen X Women of Color can discuss their issues with input from women of color from other generations. However, Generation X women are at the center of the conversation.

The regular panelists are: Aisha Staggers Julissa Borbon and L.A. Wade.

Recently, the ladies spoke about Relationships: The Good, The Bad, And The Truth – Part One – Finding Mr. Right.

Their special guest for the conversation was Dawn Ellen Morris. Ms. Morris is a Master Personal Trainer Wellness Coach from the greater Chicago area.

During the conversation, the ladies talked about:

– What could the ladies live with or without when it comes to a mate?
– The difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now
– Is age a deal breaker?
– The wrong Mr. Right now
– Does the man’s height matter?
– What about a CBN (Corny Black Man)?
– Each lady give a dating advice tip

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